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City of the Fallen (Dark Tides, #1)

City of the Fallen - Diana Bocco Did you find that the cover and title represented what the story was really about? Absolutely. I particularly liked the use of the word "fallen" because in the end it wasn't just the city that was fallen it was how the main characters were as well. Belle was fallen to the point she knew she needed to do something about saving the city from vampires. Marcus falls for Belle. She pretends to return his affections only to become bothered with how she is achieving her goals, a fallen angel of sorts.
What did you think of the story structure? This reader loved it. The balance between character and plot development was perfect. Neither overpowers the other and readers are offered colourful emotions amidst dark, morbid settings. I especially liked how the author introduced the "rabids". Who says vampires don't have problems.
What I didn't like. I know a few of my book club members are reviewing this book and quite a few will be saying the same thing. So here goes. You know the feeling when you've been expecting a good piece of steak all day. You finally sit down at the table and then you get chicken instead. It's still a meal, and a good one at it. But you're left craving for so much more. That's what the ending was like. We don't have a clue when the second book will be out so by the time it is released, I'm really not sure if we will still remember enough of the first book to continue with the second.
Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.