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Death In Bagheria (A Serafina Florio Mystery, #3) - Susan Russo Anderson What are some of the major themes of this book? Murder, lies, secrets, adultery. The best ingredients for a muder / mystery.

What did the title have to do with the book? It's where the murders occurred and where the story is set. I must say, it did provide for a lovely backdrop.

Make a list of facts you learned from the story. Serafina had 7 children. The baroness had been murdered two years ago. She was poisoned. Sister Genoveffa was strangled. The baron had a mistress. Drugs were being smuggled on the baron's ships. Someone tried to kill Serafina. Serafina was a midwife. She was having an affair with a married man.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.