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Daimones (Daimones Trilogy, #1)

Daimones (Daimones Trilogy, #1) - Massimo Marino What motivates a given character’s actions? Dan was driven to doing anything and everything to make sure his family survived. He did, what he had to.

Did you find that the cover and title represented what the story was really about? I liked the cover but not too sure how the title fits in. As far as I know Daimones was the title of a music album. Somehow I missed this connection with the story and how aliens could be called this.

What did you think of the story structure? It was pretty much a straight forward read which I liked.

Which secondary character resonated most with you and why? Michael, he posted a like on Facebook. Told them that someone else was alive.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.