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The Silver Sphere

The Silver Sphere - Michael Dadich

Which character do you like the most and why? The least and why?

Emily was my favorite. She has a shy, edgy personality and seems lost.

Milo was my least favorite. He seems like an arrogant know-it-all. A person that has done everything, seen everything and knows everything. He almost reminds me of a family member you want to hide from.

What passage from the book stood out to you?

“What the heck is that?” Max whispered.

“A Manticore.” Said Simon, sounding nervous.

Enjoyed the mystical creature throughout the book.

Are there situations and/or characters you can identify with, if so how?

When Simon was hiding in a wardrobe in a cave while Shelby and Max were searching. I easily identified with the part. I hid a lot as a child, whether it was from the general desire of wanting to be alone or wanting to be away from my older step-brother.

If you could change something about the book what would it be and why?

I would change the beginning. Starting out, it was hard to get into the book. After about the 5th chapter, I didn't want to put it down

At what point in the book did you decide if you liked it or not? What helped make this decision?

While Nick Casey laid dreaming (or at least he thought he was dreaming). He hears a voice “You have been chosen, Nick Casey,” a robotic voice said. Nick gurgled to clear his windpipe. “For…what?” “You already know. And you will understand more when the time has come.”

I have thought and thought but this is the one passage that sticks out the most to me and captured my attention.

4.5/5 stars