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THE GARDEN The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve

The Garden: The Unauthorized Biography of Adam and Eve - Paul T. Harry
What passage from the book stood out to you? “It’ll strengthen the entire group,” answered Tilon, “the stronger they are genetically, culturally, and spiritually; the more likely they will be to survive and meet your descendants.” - I couldn't help but associate this bit with what the bible said about Abraham.

Are there situations and/or characters you can identify with, if so how? Being brought up as an Anglican, you immediately note the religious undercurrents in the book despite the sci-fi elements and twists.

At what point in the book did you decide if you liked it or not? I think I started to enjoy the book from the beginning itself. The editing is professional, and although the theme is a bit heavy, this reader kept was in awe how a simple concept was used to connect outside elements like aliens and science fiction.

Note - I received a free book from the author. All opinions are my own.