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Untimed - Andy Gavin List the five major events in the story in the correct order. Charlie, his dad and Aunt are travelling back in time. Charlie gets hooked up with Yvaine and Dancer. Yvaine and Charlie save Ben Franklin from the fire. Yvaine and Charlie end up in prison. Charlie arrives back home with his mother and takes Yvaine with him.

Tell in your own words the beginning of the book It starts with Sophie and Charlie’s dad talking. They see Charlie, twice a year. Then it talks about Charlie, running track and field in school.

How did the main character feel during the book? He was a strong character, but he was kept in the dark about his skills. He adapted and improvised in every situation. He was a protector and provider for Yvaine and her baby.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.